Take Me Out to The Ball Game

A friend, another transplanted New Yorker, who has been a Met fan since he can remember, invited me to the game; great seats actually. And just when you might have thought that 25 runs on 30 hits was more than enough action for one night; yes there was more.

Like a helicopter preparing to land, I watch as some type of dragonfly came to rest on top of the orange button of a gentleman’s baseball cap.

"Guest Fly By: Joe Polimeni"

Guest Fly By: Joe Polimeni

Getting a laugh but not to startle the visiting creature, I gently brought my camera to eye level to make a couple of frames. Not to worry, our little visitor wasn’t about to move. Not to be deterred, as his young son tried to whisk him off, our visiting fly was adamant even as the gentleman took off his cap to give his son a closer view.

Guest fly2 By: Joe Polimeni

Guest fly2 By: Joe Polimeni

Like many of the fans that night, he finally left not staying for the 3 hour and 49 minute game. Don’t you hate those fans that fly off early?

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