As the Pandemic quarantine started, I began to shoot pictures I call, “Pandemic Moments: Life under Quarantine. I’ve been in the news business a large part of my life and knew when the pandemic began this wasn’t going to be a short-term event. I didn’t set out to document the horror of the virus or struggles of first responders, but to somehow bring peace to those as they look through social media. I would take several walks through my neighborhood each day.

Also thought this would be a great time to take my photographic skills to the proverbial gym. I took a 40 year old, Nikon, fully manual lens off the shelf and combined it with a state of the art Canon digital camera. The lens, 500mm Mirror. Back in the day it was an innovative, light telephoto. Its signature was its unique out of focus look, unseen before. It would take highlights and make them look like doughnuts. In the editorial world it was so different many photographers were buying one to see what they can do with it artistically.

Being a telephoto, I would keep my social distance, and then some. The method to my madness was to sharpen my skills and hopefully make a few pictures in the process. As the months moved on, it expanded to random people and wildlife I came upon during my daily morning and evening walks.

Looking at the Positives of the Pandemic, I’m not only feeling good about my experiment, but the impact it had with people, via social media, looking to smile. It also makes me realize how much I love what I do and it kept my skills at a level that makes me competitive.


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